The favorite team to win the European Cup 2024

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He was already very active in the European Cup qualifying matches and led England. Defeat Italy!

A look at the favorite teams to win the European Cup

Can Italy, the last European Cup champion, successfully defend its title this time? Or will other countries become dark horses and win the championship? This article has compiled the favorites from all walks of life to win the championship. Come and see if there is a team you support!

As the winner of the European Cup in 2020, Italy originally thought that it would advance from the group stage again with the majestic appearance of the previous year and compete for the opportunity to win consecutive championships. However, it was reported that two players temporarily retired due to injuries . Let Italy add another high wall to its defense of the title.

The favorite team to win the European Cup 2024

  • England
  • Portugal
  • Germany
  • France


England, who lost to Italy in the final of the last European Cup, returned to the European Cup with the determination to take revenge. In fact, England has always been the favorite to win the championship in international competitions, and this time is of course no exception!

The familiar captain of England, Harry Kane, currently plays for Bayern Munich and is also known as one of the best forwards in world football. He was already very active in the European Cup qualifying matches and led England. Defeat Italy!

There is another rookie who has also attracted much attention, and that is Jude Bellingham, who has just won the Champions League. As the core topic of the new generation of football, he helped Real Madrid defeat Barcelona in April this year, and even surpassed Beckham to become the Real Madrid is the best English scorer in history; he has won the IFFHS World’s Best Youth (U-20) Player for two consecutive years (2022, 2023), and this year he also won the Best Player in La Liga. I believe he can also bring the dawn of victory to England.


Compared with other teams, Portugal’s core players are mainly veterans, such as Eder and Cristiano Ronaldo, who are both over 35 years old, but have also accumulated a lot of experience in competitions.

Cristiano Ronaldo , one of the “peerless twins”, topped the Saudi Arabian League’s scoring title in recent Saudi League matches. Portuguese head coach Roberto Martinez also praised him as an indispensable presence in the team! Ronaldo has not deteriorated due to age. He has been very active in the Saudi Arabian League in recent years. However, he is sitting on the bench at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It is doubtful whether he will actually play this time, but I believe he can definitely lead Portugal if he plays. Towards victory!

In 2016, Edel came on as a substitute and scored a key goal, which helped Portugal win the championship that year; Bernardo Silva, who currently serves as the fifth captain of Manchester City; and Joao Felix ( João Félix) and others, although they do not have a gorgeous record, they are mostly stable players and have consolidated the cornerstone of the Portuguese team.


If there are many stars in England, it is impossible not to mention French stars! ? France has been in the upper reaches of world football in the past ten years, especially in the 2022 World Cup finals against Argentina. It was impressive. After the game, it also won the 2022 World Football Golden Boot Award. Although it is in the upper reaches, it still fell short. One kick always misses the chance to win.

Kylian Mbappé, who just left Paris and completed a contract with Real Madrid, serves as the captain of the French national football team. He is also considered the “best football player” successor to Messi and Ronaldo. He not only has goals He has the ability to assist teammates from the side, and is very explosive and sensitive. Therefore, even if the opponent develops defensive tactics against him, Mbappe is often able to crack them and counterattack.

Eduardo Camavinga is also a rookie who has attracted much attention. He is France’s youngest “international player” after World War II; Aurélien Tchouaméni will make an impact when he is selected for the national team for the first time in 2022. The performance of these two players is also exciting!


As the host this time, the strength of the German team cannot be underestimated! Germany defeated the Netherlands (2-1) and France (2-0) in recent friendly matches. Although it was only a friendly match, it also proved that they have the strength to compete with them.

In addition, Germany’s Group A includes Scotland, Hungary, and Switzerland. Overall, it is easy to advance to the group stage; among them, Antonio Rüdiger currently plays for Real Madrid and is considered one of the best defenders today. , his style of play is aggressive and he is also known as a “tough interceptor.”

Joshua Kimmich, known as the “Successor of Lahm”, is also worthy of attention! Although he is relatively short in stature, his offensive firepower seems to be inversely proportional to his physical fitness. An article on the Bundesliga official website even called him a “Swiss knife-like all-purpose player.” His ball control ability is very good, whether it is dribbling or accuracy. Make your opponents very afraid.

There is also top star Toni Kroos. He originally announced his retirement in 2020, but was recruited by the national team head coach this year and had an assist in 7 seconds of playing in a friendly match with France! It seems that his skills have not become rusty due to retirement!

Of course, in addition to veterans, there are also rookies, such as Jamal Musiala, “the youngest UEFA Champions League goal record holder”, and Kai Havertz, “the youngest professional player in Leverkusen history” ) etc… Germany’s performance in this European Cup has made everyone from all walks of life look forward to it!